Visualizer Feature Matrix
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The table below lists the features available in Online Visualizer  and with Standard and Educational licenses of NovoSpark Visualizer. Please use it as a guide to determine which product is most suitable for your needs.


Feature Online
Educational Standard
Outliers x x x
Data interval x x x
Multiple projection views x x x
Andrews curves x x x
Parallel coordinates x x x
Normalized/Standardized/Ranked data x x x
Several datasets in one project x x x
Euclidian and Mahalonobis distance x x x
Self-organizing maps   x x
Dendrograms   x x
Lines/Multiple Lines   x x
Scatter plots   x x
Polar coordinates   x x
Histograms   x x
Spectrum view   x x
Pre-defined settings   x x
Downloadable visualization diagrams   x x
Descriptive statistics x x x
Discriminant analysis   x x
Factor analysis   x x
Cluster analysis   x x
Linear regression   x x
Self-organizing maps   x x
Automatic diagnosis   x x
Selection of significant columns   x x
Automatic clustering   x x
Downloadable analysis modules   x x
Clickable areas x x x
Flexible position of Z-axis x x x
Selectable colors and color palettes x x x
Shape enhancements x x x
Tooltips   x x
Rotation, stretching, moving   x x
Zooming in/out   x x
Custom color palettes   x x
Data Import
CSV-files x x x
Delimiter-separated files x x x
Fixed-width files   x x
Microsoft Access databases     x
Microsoft SQL Server databases     x
ODBC databases     x
Data Manipulation
Data editing   x x
Transfer to and from other data editors   x x
Find and replace   x x
Changing data structure   x x
Handling of missing data   x x
Sorting by one or more dimensions   x x
Column sorting by data or statistical row   x x
Finding data anomalies   x x
Highlighting of abnormal data values   x x
Date/time and textual values   x x
HTML Reports   x x
Helper Information
Explanatory text x x x
Image inspection   x x
Context-sensitive help   x x
Tip of the day   x x
Transformed data   x x
User interface
Multiple projects     x
Flexible layout   x x
Product use
Commercial x   x
Educational x  x x

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