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NovoSpark Visualizer  is an advanced visualization tool that combines the intuitiveness of visual analysis with the descriptive power of statistical methods, delivering the most comprehensive information about your multidimensional data. The product allows easy manipulation of loaded datasets and recalculates the underlying model and its graphical representation right away, letting you see the results of your experimentation with data. 

By using the tool you will be able to automatically classify your observations, identify the most important variables in your model, perform data clustering, visually compare individual observations and entire datasets, find data anomalies, and do many other things you need to do in your day-to-day work with research data.

The fully-functional version of NovoSpark Visualizer is available for 30 days of free evaluation. Our team of software and data professionals will be happy to get you up to speed with the product and  help you choose the best data analysis strategy for your needs.


Feature Summary


  • Intel Pentium III/AMD K7/Athlon/500 Mhz or higher
  • RAM 1 GB or more
  • Windows XP/2003/Vista/7
  • Graphics Card with 32Mb RAM or above
  • Minimum screen resolution 1024x768
  • 750MB hard drive space
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or later

Features in Depth

Data visualization
The product can render multidimensional data on different types of graphical images allowing you to focus on their visual characteristics rather than the tables of raw data. Combining our visualization technology with a series of traditional visualization diagrams like multiple lines and scatter plots guarantees that you get the most comprehensive visual representation of your datasets. 

Interactive image
You can interact with graphical images by zooming in or clicking in different areas and focusing your attention on the actual observation or groups of observations that are represented on them. To help you quickly identify individual data records the application can present a tooltip that pops up whenever the mouse pointer is hovering over an area with one or more observations. 

Data analysis
With NovoSpark Visualizer you can review statistical information and perform analysis while manipulating your data. The results can be automatically recalculated and viewed in a separate window allowing you to see how changes in data affect the resulting model. Conversely, you can invoke a number of functions that will automatically change the data based on your current model. By using combinations of powerful statistical methods like discriminant analysis, factor analysis and others you can quickly configure the optimal structure and contents of your datasets and use the results in your research. 

Downloadable modules
NovoSpark Visualizer will let you download and install additional visualization diagrams and modules of data analysis to provide you with a suite of tools you need for your research. With an extensive list of powerful plug-ins available today and new modules being added on a regular basis you will be able to build your own toolset delivering the most comprehensive information about your data. 

Image assistant
The product comes with a set of helper windows that show the most relevant information about your image and refer to the application features that can be used to improve its look and feel. 

Importing data from an external source
The application allows to import tabular data from an external text file or database. A variety of data formats is natively supported including delimiter-separated, CSV, fixed-width text files, Microsoft Access, SQL Server and ODBC databases. The application provides an intuitive interface for selecting a data source and previewing the results of import. 

Creating data from scratch
You can also input all your data manually if the external data source does not exist or not available. This way not only do you have the flexibility of building any data sample within the application, but the model and images of this sample are automatically rebuilt in sync with your edits, showing how the data would look like in the various "what if..." scenarios. 

Handling of missing data
The product has built-in support for automatic handling of missing values by allowing to replace them with a statistical or predefined value or remove the entire record during data import. 

Flexible layout
The application is very flexible about where its visual elements can reside on the screen. You are free to move them around, resize or hide away to get the layout of the application window that is most convenient and efficient for your work with data. 

Ease of use
The intuitive user-friendly interface makes it easy to work with the data and interpret the results. The explanatory messages and tips, as well as shortcuts to the main application functions will shorten the learning curve and help you start using the product right away. 

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