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NovoSpark Online Visualizer is a Web tool that allows visualizing multidimensional data and investigating its qualitative properties by using a Web browser. You can upload a delimited text file from your computer and see it rendered as a graphical image on the next page. The variety of image viewing options will help you get the best view of your data and visually analyze the structure and contents of your dataset.

You will be able to compare individual observations in the uploaded dataset, find anomalies and do many other things with data, all within the reach of your Web browser.

The application can be used in both commercial and educational projects, and is available for free to all registered users. Our team of data professionals will  help you use the product and provide recommendations on how to configure it for your needs.


Feature Summary


  • Best viewed with Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher
  • High Speed Internet Access (DSL, Cable Modem, etc.)
  • Minimum screen resolution 1024x768

Features in Depth

Data visualization
The product allows uploading a text file with multidimensional data and viewing its graphical representation within your Web browser. The resulting image is presented along with the various image viewing options like projection views and "noise" filters that you can use to get the most representative view of your data. 

Interactive image
You can click on the image to explore different areas and see the actual observations that are represented on them. This enables quick identification of any outliers or irregularities that may exist in your data. 

Explanatory text
The image is accompanied by explanatory text that will help you interpret the visualization results. You can also submit a question to NovoSpark if you would like to get some advice from our data professionals. 

Loading data from a text file
The application can fetch your data from delimited text files with data values separated by commas, semicolons, spaces or tabs. All you have to do is point to a file on your computer, click a button on the Web page and see the data rendered within your Web browser. 

No fees
The product comes at no charge to all our registered users. The registration is also free, and it takes just a few seconds of filling out the online user registration form. 

No additional software
All calculations and rendering operations are performed on our server, so no special hardware or client software other than a Web browser needs to be installed on your computer. 

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