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Purchasing licenses for our software is easy. Just choose one of the options below and click "Order". The next page will prompt for the number of licenses you would like to purchase and redirect you to a secure online payment page where you can complete your order. For your convenience we offer the following payment methods:

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Wire Transfer
  • PayPal

You will need to purchase a license for each user who is going to use our software. The more licenses you purchase the more you save on each individual license. You can also buy a Site license that will enable unlimited use of our software in your office. Please click here to read more about the types of licenses we offer for our products or contact our  sales team if you have any questions.


All prices below are in USD.

I would like to
Price per Copy

  Observations Analysis   $29.99

  Complete Analysis   $34.99

  Traditional Visualization   $3.99

  Structure Analysis   $14.99

  Data Clustering   $14.99
  Discriminant Analysis   $9.99
  Cluster Analysis   $9.99
  Factor Analysis   $9.99
  Lines   $0.99
  Regression Analysis   $4.99
  Self-Organizing Maps   $9.99
  Multiple Lines   $0.99
  Scatter Plots   $0.99
  Histograms   $0.99
  Polar Coordinates   $0.99
  Multidimensional Scaling   $9.99



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